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Best family law attorney in Kenosha county, period.

“Having had Sally Yule Mengo as my counselor through a difficult divorce process, I benefitted from her sound advice and insights. She listened to me as well, not assuming she new everything, despite her many years of good experience in various legal fields.

From my times in her waiting room and talking to some of her other clients, I learned that she manages diverse matters as pertains to family law, from wives in physically abusive situations seeking legal and civil remedy, to caring fathers who just want a fair shake in custody and other divorce related issues and want to have fair time with the children they will always love (my situation). Before my divorce ruling, I had months that I could not see my own kids, due to their mother's intervention, but after the ruling and as a direct result of Sally's work, I am now seeing both my children regularly and focusing on re-strengthening the real relationship we have always sought to foment.

Sally's rates are competitive, and if you listen and allow yourself to be guided by her good judgment, you will find great value in her services, her support and her results. I did not want to use a lawyer, but since I was forced into it, I find having Sally as my attorney has been a very worthwhile investment. She is very familiar with the Kenosha legal scene, knows most of the attorneys, commissioners and judges and understands the ins and outs, the benefits and the pitfalls of the myriad of challenges you may face at the various stages of whatever legal challenge you may confront. I highly recommend her.”

Posted by jeg5gom  09/15/2010